Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Site Start Appointment booked ...

Woo Hoo .... finally things are starting to happen.

We are booked in for our Site Start Appointment on Tuesday 6th October.


  1. Hi mel and rich....hope everything is going well...I'm am new to this and looked for bloggers who are doing EBh Saville..good thing I found you! anyway...we are building a saville it's a bit smaller than yours...we are also booked in 2 weeks from now for a colours appointment at Norwest...just want to ask, where did you look for internal paint colours? I've read a lot of nasty experiences of those who is/was building/built with EBH...of course it ain't a smooth ride but I am keeping my fingers crossed that our exp won't be that bad.. i hope to get some ideas and learn from you..:)

  2. Hello neighbours!! We are building at lot 2142 Delaware. So glad to find you here and read all about your experiences til now. We are building a Saville 27 and we are waiting council approval. Hope all is continuing well for you guys wishing u both the best of luck with your project I know that we are all gonna need a little of it ;) We are not to good with computers but we will keep in contact through these posts. Let us know how things progress things have gone smoothly for us with Eden Brae and our more recent CSO has been divine til now but I guess we are still nervous and hopeing for the best so fingers crossed for all those building at Spring Farm...Carolina and Gus

  3. Hi CJ .... Sorry abou the delay on my reply ... I'm so not a 'blogger' I only just saw your comment!!

    I guess by now you've already picked your colours etc! Hope the ride is going smooth!!!

  4. Hi Gus and Carolina .... So exciting to 'meet' some neighbours ... even better those that clearly have great taste picking the Saville :)!

    I am so surprised how easy everything has gone so far ... hope I'm not talking too soon!

    EBH have been awesome so far! Our CSO is Emma ... she is awesome!

    Can't wait to hear about your progress!