Friday, July 9, 2010

Hopefully only another 2 weeks to go ....

My dad happened to be driving by the house today and our SS was there, so he stopped for a chat - Which worked out well as he didn't answer his phone when Rich tried to call him 3 times today ...

He said that it should only be another 2 weeks until it's all done:

* Waiting on an engineering report about the bricks overhanging the slab at the back of the house

* The Painter is scheduled to come on Tuesday

* The Tiler has been and finished all the touch ups needed

* The Termite reticulation pipes will be re-layed properly next week hopefully

* No date for the driveway as yet - It needs to dry completely after the small amount of rain over the past few days before they can colour seal it

Argh ..... I just want to move already!

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